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Lake Louise


Lake Louise

1. You know what your mother taught you? “Treat others how you would like to be treated”? It is not a a guarantee, and you’re going to get walked all over, taken for granted, and left alone. To give kindness is not a contract, it is charity. That being said…


3. AFFECT = VERB & EFFECT = NOUN. You’re welcome.

4. Eventually, your mother gets up the courage to leave your father, and you wont have to live like this anymore. I know it seems hard now, but someday it’ll get better.
Don’t let him get to you.

5. Just do your homework, even if you bullshit half of it. It makes it easier on everyone.

6. Tell her how you feel.

7. Top lockers are overrated. Did I mention you wont be getting any taller? (learn to walk in heels now.)

8. Challenge yourself every single day, It’ll help you grow.


10. So will you.

11. Two out of three youths in Canada are on prescription drugs for mental illness. When you are fourteen, you will become one of them. Be educated. Build a network of support. Take care of yourself.

12. Your life is not a John Hughes movie. I’m sorry.
Try not be too disappointed.


14. The first time you fall in love is going to be wonderful, and awfully confusing.

15. Your first heartbreak is going to be bone crushingly, impossibly painful: you’ll wonder what’s wrong with you.

16. Nothing is wrong with you.

17. You’re going to be overwhelmed. You will feel like you are drowning.

18. Learn how to swim.

19. Desperation is NOT beautiful, and it is pointless. It is a terrifying state where in you completely forget who you are, and why you matter and no matter what hollywood would like to tell you - nine times out of ten it does nothing but make your friends question your mental state, and push her away.

20. Never, ever, ever make the mistake of thinking that your life is over. Feel it. Fear it, but never believe it.

21. A psych ward is not a very nice place to be, trust me. You’ll spend your New Years eve in one when you’re 17, all wrapped up in a hospital bed and counting down the minutes until midnight - alone, and wondering how everything went so wrong.

22. Ask for help.

23. If she told you all about who everyone is sleeping with, its probably best not to divulge anything you don’t want the whole school knowing.

24. Grade eight was hard on everyone. Try not to think about grade eight.

25. This too, shall pass. Even that oral presentation you didn’t even start that you have to give in five minutes. (!!!!!) You’ll do awful. Thats okay. It happens to everyone.

26. Don’t trust anyone who thinks YOLO
is a legitimate piece of advice.

27. You’ll be a new person many times before you die, and
high school is only one piece of that puzzle that you may or may not mess up terribly. It’s okay, your 20s are just around the corner - try not to take this too seriously.

29. Try not to take any of it too seriously.

30. Say it with me; you are not your father. You are NOT your father. No matter how much you look like him, or sound like him. You will be better than he ever was. I promise, okay?

31. Tell her you love her.
please. Because number 32;

32. Regret is the most painful thing you’ll face.

— 32 things that thirteen-year-old me should’ve known. - K.W. (via themorningsjustafewhoursaway)

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